Mis-shaped fruit is just as good for you


When you go to the supermarket, do you ever see an apple that’s not quite round or a carrot that’s not straight? The answer is usually no. We have been conditioned to think that if a fruit is not ‘perfectly’ formed, it won’t contain the same goodness or taste just as good. A mis-shaped fruit will have grown on the same tree, in the same conditions at the same time. For whatever reason, one particular Apple or strawberry may be a different shape than the others. 

Why should this perfectly good fruit just be thrown away when it can bring goodness to someone who eats it? There is a parallel between this and the argument over abortion. The world has conditioned people to think that if an unborn baby is not perfect or its a little mis-shapen, we should just get rid of it. This baby though will have a destiny. There must be a reason why this child was conceived, it must have a destiny – just like all babies have. As soon as conception takes place, this baby is alive. My belief is that all babies have the right to life. 

Attitudes in society have made it seem more acceptable that babies are a commodity and to some, a fashion accessory. Society has made it OK to think that if a woman gets pregnant and it will be an inconvenience then it can be aborted. Society has somehow masked the fact that abortion is killing a living baby. 

This cannot be something that we want the next generation to know as the norm. The more we dilute and the more we just accept that this is OK, what will become the norm next? 

Every person has a destiny on their life. Only God can decide how long a person will live. If a person has a disability, does this mean that God cannot use them? No. It means God will use the disability to his advantage. Maybe that person will be able to touch others in the disability community. Maybe God will perform a miracle on that person at some point in their life which will inspire many more people. 

A strawberry contains goodness whether it looks like the ones that are served at Wimbledon or looks like the one above. An unborn child has a destiny on its life and has value as a human being whether it’s perfectly healthy or has a disability. 


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