A new governance model – righteousness, justice and compassion


Do people get the governments they deserve? Are people prepared to fight for a government they want or need? What is the model that people are looking for? We tend to vote for the government that fulfils our self-interest and what benefits us the most. We should be looking for a government model that benefits society as a whole, but what does that model look like?

Why shouldn’t governments be built on justice, righteousness and compassion? Would voters bring in a government that stands up for what is just and right? Would the people see the compassion that wants to be shown and feel the compassion themselves? 

A government is supposed to lead the people. If a government wants a nation that shows compassion towards others, that live righteously and just, then that government should lead the people that way. Governance in many countries today now lies with the people. This is not where governance should lie. The people should have a say but that is why we elect leaders. A country’s governance should firmly be with the government. They are there to lead and govern, sticking to the principles that they stood for which enabled them to be voted in.  

Governance in the UK is on the decline. There is no strong governance within the politicians of today. They don’t look to do what is right but what will win them the next election. As soon as a new government starts, it is already looking towards the next election. This is no way to govern. Once voted in, a government should be looking to fulfil its pledges and its manifesto that people voted for. 
An ideal world would see everybody living a just life, doing what is right and showing compassion to others around. This can only work if everyone buys into this philosophy. Even a minority that do not follow these principles can upset the balance of society. However, a government that promotes these principles can try and reduce this minority as much as possible. 

Good governance means no corruption, or at least a reduced chance of corruption. Having no governance means corruption can easily enter the political arena. Good governance will mean that we will live in a just and fair society where those that don’t want to participate will either simply leave or will live with the consequences. A system of righteousness, justice and compassion would benefit everyone and would make that city or nation a force in the world. 


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