You are three times more likely to get mugged in Manchester than in other cities across the UK. Would a Manchester Boris be brave enough to tackle this issue or would they just look to tow a political line?
Manchester will get its own Boris Johnson next year. For some, this will fill them with dread but for all his bafoonery and gaffs, he does care and fight for London. He fights the local issues and is not afraid to go against his party line. Manchester needs someone like this – someone who cares for the place they are supposed to represent.
That person needs to have kingdom values – justice, righteousness and live for the city. Does Boris Johnson have these attributes? To some extent, yes. He fights for justice but is fair. Look at the recent issue over the tube strike. He stood his ground because he felt what was on offer was fair. He also loves his city.
So, will the Manchester Boris stop you getting mugged? The answer will lie in whether that person is brave enough to stand up for what they believe is right for the city.

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