Kinder Eggs? No. Guns? No problem. LGBT? Who cares?


The recent attack in Orlando has once again highlighted the gun control issue in the United States. A country that has banned Kinder Eggs because they think children will try and eat the toy as well as the chocolate refuses to ban guns which can cause so much destruction. Why do they refuse to stand down on the issue? Until they tackle the problem, these things will continue to happen.

Australia have shown the US the way. 20 years ago, they significantly tightened the gun laws and since then, there have been no mass shootings in their country. There will always be those who are intent on killing and will get their hands on a weapon but having them so readily available just makes it easier for that split second of rage to come out and fire a gun. There is a 28 day waiting period to own a gun in Australia. That waiting time is crucial between someone already owning a gun, getting into a rage about something and picking it up and shooting people, to someone getting into a rage, going into a shop, waiting a month only to find that their mindset has changed in that time.

The Orlando shooting killed 49 people. Whether they were gay, straight, etc has no bearing on it whatsoever. They were people. Why does the LGBT community feel the need to jump on this and declare that they are the victims here? They shout about being included in society and treated the same as everyone else – yet as soon as something like this happens, they go back to being their own group within society. In the Paris attacks, did fans of the band Eagles Of Death Metal around the world come out and say that they were being attacked? Have a look at this video as a prime example.

The tragic shooting of Jo Cox shows that in the UK, if one person is killed by a gun, its a national tragedy. The US has become so used to shootings that its just another day. This cannot be right, and should not be the case. Shootings in the UK are, thankfully, so few and far between. This is of no comfort to the family of Jo Cox but it shows just what gun control can do.

As Obama leaves the White House later this year, as one last legacy, why not tighten gun control? It wont be popular, but its not like he is trying to win votes. If he does it, and it works, in 20 years time when the number of mass shootings has dramatically reduced, people will thank him.


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