Here we go again!

So another election is on the horizon – well, its actually much closer than that. The PM has decided that she needs a mandate to take the country forward and into a new era. The good news is that there are only a few weeks of campaigning as I think the nation is still electioned out from the referendum last year! The bad news is that its going to turn into the Brexit election.

Labour and all the remainers will play on the fact that if they get into power, they will lead with a soft Brexit – whatever that looks like. The government will play on the fact that they are in the best position to deliver Brexit and bring the nation out of the other side stronger and more global. There is a danger that we could be looking at a re-run of the referendum.

As voters, we need to think about that this next government will not just take us through the Brexit process, but will then govern for another three years after that. Britain stands at a crossroads in its history. As a nation, we now need to look for stability. A change in government now will de-stabilise the nation, all the preparation work done to begin the Brexit negotiations will have to start again and more uncertainty will come into the markets and economy.

The bitter arguments and resentment between both sides during the referendum could re-surface again. A general election is supposed to be about who will represent your local area in Parliament and work for your interests – and not making it about an issue which has already been decided.

Lets hope that this election is about issues that will affect people every day – healthcare, jobs, education, taxation, etc. Yes, Brexit will be a theme that runs through all these things, but its happening and so we should be looking to the future about what Britain will look like after we leave the EU. It should be about building a better future for the nation, but I fear that the main issues will be about the Brexit negotiations and all sides will slide into a tit-for-tat war of words (again).


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