Greece – is it right to let them go under?

Greece – is it right to let them go under?

Why should we let Greece pull the rest of Europe down? Why should we bail them out? These are questions that people are asking. There are two sides to look at. Firstly should we help them? Secondly, why hasn’t Greece humbled itself and accepted the help on offer?

Greece has got themselves into deep trouble and look like they could go bankrupt at any time. The people of Greece have spoken and they chose to reject an offer to bail them out. The offer that was put on the table did mean that the country would have to pay the price and there would be hard times ahead.

Who are we to judge? Greece have got themselves into this mess so why should we help them? Do they deserve our help? When it comes down to it, it’s not our place to judge them. They may have got themselves into this mess but we should show a different way and help them?

Greece as a country might be being proud in refusing to accept the offer that has been made. The terms of the bailout being offered may seem unfair to them which is why they rejected it. However, should we put sanctions on them to help them out?

When we repent, we acknowledge what we are doing is wrong and change direction. This makes us right with God but there may still be consequences in the flesh. These are the consequences of our actions and must be worked through and taken.

Greece should be looking to acknowledge that whatever they have done to get into this mess, they recognise and have learnt from it. However, sanctions should still be put in place as if there is no consequence, then they, and other countries around the world, will see that it’s OK to mess up as “someone will come and bail us out”. We should be looking at it as a consequence rather than as a punishment. It is not our responsibility to punish them. The majority of Greeks are just innocent bystanders and so punishing them is not the right way.

Compare this to a family who have to make a regular visit to the Food Bank. They may well have got themselves into the mess by overspending and poor self-control or they may be in that situation through no fault of their own. Whatever the circumstances, food banks provide relief when they need it most. However, they become reliant on it as there is no consequence to receiving the goods. The international community should not get into the situation where it becomes a food bank for the nations that cannot manage their finances. Countries such as Greece will become reliant on the help and will never help themselves. Food banks are there for emergencies and not a replacement for a trip to the supermarket.

Lack of leadership, lack of direction and lack of Kingdom perspective are just some of the reasons why Greece has gone the way it has. The leaders could even be called dis-honourable to their own people. The leadership of the nation has shown a lack of kingdom focus and instead has focussed on winning votes and just feeding the desires of the people. This debate is for another time though.

So, is it right to let Greece go under? The answer is no but with conditions. Greece must firstly humble itself, acknowledge its mistakes and turn a different way. The consequences of receiving the help must be big enough to send a message that being bailed out is not an easy option. However, once the terms of the bailout have been agreed, Greece should not then be looked down on. We should give them a clean slate, just as Christ gives us when we have repented.